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aiming to connect, inform, and empower our members to achieve their

individual organizational goals, foster catalytic partnerships, and strengthen the

Bay Area as a hub for global health innovation.


The Bay Area is a dynamic hub of biomedical startups, tech giants, nonprofits, world class universities, research institutions, foundations, for profit entities, and venture capitalists, many with aims to advance health and improve the lives and well being of people both locally and globally.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, which is bringing together a network of organizations across a wide spectrum of sectors to strengthen our global health impact worldwide, and to activate and inspire economic impact in the region. The Alliance is a result of collaborations between many sectors and input from over 75 organizations. It builds on the experience of global health alliances around the world such as the Washington Global Health Alliance, the Global Health Council, and other established alliances in North Carolina, Georgia, and Melbourne.

The Alliance has begun welcoming members into this new dynamic hub, and looks forward to serving as a platform to connect and leverage the diversity of our collective Bay Area strengths to improve health and development throughout the world.


Join us