Collaboration across sectors is necessary to solve global challenges

We believe in the catalytic power of shared knowledge and collaboration across our sectors.

The Bay Area Global Health Alliance is a membership organization and central network hub, bringing together diverse sectors to advance global health innovation and equity. Our 85+ member organizations are world-class academic institutions, innovative technology and private sector companies, start-ups, foundations, public sector institutions, and experienced nonprofits caring for the world’s most marginalized populations. With roots in the Bay Area, the Alliance has expanded to include organizations from across the United States and the world. A dedication to working together for innovation and equity is what unites us and is our strength.

The Alliance serves as a neutral convener, communicator, and connector, brokering multi-sector collaborations and engaging the tech sector alongside traditional global health stakeholders. By leveraging the Bay Area’s rich resources and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have helped advance global health innovation and equity by conducting virtual programming and events, building a trusted multidisciplinary network of global health leaders and experts, amplifying our members’ global health news to share global insights and promote connections between members, enabling one-on-one matchmaking, and forging strategic partnerships.

Catalytic & Founding Members

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