Sara Anderson

Sara is the first Executive Director of the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, growing the organization to more than 85+ members since 2020 and engaging the tech sector with traditional global health stakeholders. She has more than 30 years of experience in global health and international development advocacy, nonprofit management, partnership development, thought leadership and strategic communications.

Prior to leading the Bay Area Global Health Alliance, she helped to lead advocacy efforts in pioneering movements, such as global surgery, bringing attention to the impact of debilitating burn injuries in low-income countries, and the famine in North Korea. Sara worked on Capitol Hill and for numerous campaigns and nonprofits, developing key USG policy strategy and partnerships to increase awareness, influence policy, and impact lives.

Sara received her master’s degree from Georgetown University, and continued her education with Stanford’s Designing for Social Systems program and the Syracuse University Maxwell School’s Transnational NGO Leadership Institute program for NGO leaders. She also served as coach and partner of Stanford’s’s Design for Extreme Affordability program.