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Recent Presentation by Friends of Chidamoyo to the Stanford Global Health Club

Apr 11, 2023

The Alliance welcomed Dr. Major Mereki, director of Alliance member Chidamoyo Hospital in northwest Zimbabwe, with a series of meetings, including a presentation through Stanford University’s Center for Innovation in Global Health to Stanford University’s Global Health Club of postdoc students and Stanford faculty.

The conversation included insights into how a hospital in an extremely remote area manages to serve an impoverished community of 70,000 through power outages, currency risk, limited staff, and limited resources.

Chidamoyo historically has been the site of seminal HIV research, conducted by the late Dr. David Katzenstein, in addition to HPV research conducted jointly with Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick, previously of Stanford. Chidamoyo boasts a maternity waiting shelter which houses 80-90 expectant mothers to promote safe delivery and a new neonatal building soon to be officially opened.