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A Fireside Chat on Youth, Mental Health and Digital Innovation at YTH Live Global 2022

Oct 12, 2022

You can access the recording here.


Alliance member ETR’s YTH Live Global conference gives leaders in public health, education, content development, technology and youth advocacy the tools and strategies to positively shape youth, tech and health. The Bay Area Global Health Alliance organized a virtual fireside chat on the intersection between youth, mental health and digital innovation, featuring experts from Alliance members Google and Hopelab. Renee Schneider, PhD, Lead, Mental and Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, Google is an experienced psychologist and digital mental health veteran. Dr. Amy Green, Head of Research, Hopelab is a clinical psychologist related to youth mental health, specifically LGBTQ+ and adolescent mental health. These panelists shared their valuable perspectives at our session on October 12 at 10:20am PT.