Aditi Rao

Aditi Rao is a Global Health Fellow at the Bay Area Global Health Alliance. She has over 8 years of training and experience in global health research and practice, in community and clinical settings, supporting the design and implementation of health care products, programs, and policies across low resource systems and contexts.

Previously, Aditi worked as Global Health Analyst at Equalize Health, a not-for-profit medical technology company, and as Research Associate at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, prior to that. Across her roles, Aditi has worked on a number of critical global health issues such as polio, HIV, postpartum hemorrhage, and sepsis, gaining significant experience in conducting multi-country research studies, supporting on-ground implementation, building data management platforms, and supporting dissemination towards informing policy and practice in healthcare.

Aditi completed her master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University in the USA, and a bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology from Durham University in the UK. She lives in London, UK.