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Exploring the Intersection of Implementation Science + Health Equity

Sep 10, 2023


Too often, promising health interventions do not reach the world’s most vulnerable communities or are not effectively adapted to community needs and constraints, resulting in significant unmet needs and growing health inequity.


The Bay Area Global Health Alliance, as a multi-sector network and trusted, neutral convener, seeks to better understand this problem and propose practical solutions to close the gap between what we know and what we do, using the lens of implementation science, in order to advance health equity. We hypothesize that differences in sectoral norms, language, and terminology, as well as the silos that exist within and across organizations and sectors, have limited the sharing of lessons learned and potential solutions that could accelerate and narrow the “know-do” gap.


Following a literature review, we are in the process of scheduling and conducting multi-sector interviews and small group discussions (Chatham House Rules) with individuals from across sectors (academia, nonprofits/NGOs, the private sector and the public sector) who have diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences. The knowledge and case studies captured via the smaller discussions will feed into a larger convening in October 2023, during which we intend to dig deeper and/or refine our thinking on practical tools or guidelines that can serve to advance our collective knowledge. Our goal is to translate our learnings into actionable recommendations for key stakeholders and decision makers across sectors, and to disseminate the findings via thought leadership channels, such as white papers, advocacy briefs, op-eds, podcasts, or talks at global health conferences.


As a trusted, neutral convener, the Bay Area Global Health Alliance places the utmost importance on the privacy of our members and global network. We intend to share learnings and recommendations with all participants prior to dissemination. Any external publication will be without identifiers, and with attribution only when express consent has been given.

Working Group:

Colin Boyle, Board Champion; Krista Donaldson, Board Champion; Dennis Israelski, Subject Matter Expert; Thu Do, Subject Matter Expert; Cyan Brown, Global Health Advisor (volunteer); Aditi Rao, Global Health Fellow, Sara Anderson, Bay Area Global Health Alliance; Abbey Kocan, Bay Area Global Health Alliance.


Update: Learn more about the Alliance-hosted convenings exploring Insights on Implementation for Equity on October 26 and November 3, 2023.